Mr Philly Ad 11-24

With temperatures dropping, people getting into the holiday rush and snow undoubtedly on the horizon, selling your home in winter is a definite challenge. But with a little planning and some help from your Philly real estate guru, you can actually take advantage of this slow season when fewer homes are on the market competing for the attention of serious buyers willing to pay. Check out my tips for selling your home during the cold winter months:

  1. Snow Removal—Whatever you have to do to keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice, do it. It’s a safety issue, and it enhances winter curb appeal. Make sure there is a clear and easy path to your home, patio, roof deck and backyard. Buyers are going to want to see every inch of your outdoor space, no matter what’s on the ground outside.
  2. Exteriors—Make sure the trees and bushes are nicely trimmed; they’ll look better under a layer of snow. Also clean out the gutters to prevent damaging ice dams and icicles from forming. Adding a wreath to your front door can be a great touch to add a little color during the winter months.
  3. Holiday Decorations—Tasteful exterior and interior holiday lighting brings a nice, festive touch that shows home buyers the wonderful possibilities of your home.
  4. Keep the Lights on—Winter can be dark and dreary; invite buyers into a bright, warmly-lit home. Keep the lights on in every room, even during daytime showings.
  5. Speaking of Clutter—Stash it, stow it or take it to Goodwill. No coats, boots, etc. should clutter the entry way.
  6. Tend the Entryway—Keep a mop, broom and duster in the entry way closet and use them frequently to keep this area immaculately free of winter grime.
  7. Light Their Fire—If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s in good order with your chimney sweep, then keep it lit, particularly during showings. This exudes warmth to your visitors. Strategically-placed candles can help also.
  8. Warm Touches—Strategically drape warm-hued blankets over the sofa and a chair or two; neatly folded quilts at the foot of the beds and area rugs in warm colors also say, “Welcome! This is the house for you!”
  9. In the Kitchen—Keep a pot of hot, spiced cider on the stove, or bake some cookies before potential buyers arrive so that smell of home will waft into their noses and their hearts. Just make sure the kitchen is sparkling clean before they arrive!

Last, but not least: talk with me—I can match you up with serious, prequalified buyers in need of a new home here in Philly anytime of the year.