Just as it can be exciting to be on the market for a home, it can be equally invigorating to have a residential property on the market. But in both cases, the real estate market can be a bit unpredictable, which means it might take several tries before you’re able to sell your home. Learn some of the most common reasons homes don’t successfully sell the first time so you can rectify the situation and improve your chances the next time with some help from Mr. Philly Real Estate.


It’s Not Always a Sure Thing

Even in a seller’s market, there’s no absolute guarantee you’ll be able to sell your home. Learn how to properly manage your expectations from the beginning to better ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t overlook the basics of selling your Philly home, such as paying close attention to how you stage your home for the widest buyer appeal.


Overpricing Your Property

Remember that you want to price your home somewhere between what it’s currently worth and at the market appropriate value. It makes little difference how much you’re hoping to get for your home, what you originally paid for the property or even what a real estate agent says your home should be worth. Nowadays, it’s easy for buyers to get information on how high your home should be priced, so be sure you both come up with a comparable number, otherwise, your home will likely sit on the market for a while.

You Need to Give Your Home a Facelift

Take a close, careful and honest look at your home. Is it in need of some sprucing up and renovations here and there? Even upgrades as simple as new door handles, faucets, a fresh coat of paint and new ceiling fans can make a huge impact on how eager buyers are to make an offer. Before you consider anything as expensive as a completely new roof, talk with a professional appraiser about small changes you can make to boost your chances of selling your home faster.


Poor Marketing

Movies, TV shows and local events aren’t the only things that need a solid marketing strategy, your home does as well. Put in some time and effort to ensure your target buyer is well aware your residential property is on the market. While your real estate agent can undoubtedly help you with this particular step, take some initiative and take some additional steps on your own to increase your home’s exposure and selling potential.


Mr. Philly Real Estate has plenty more tips for you to put to good use as you attempt to successfully sell your home. Reach out if you’re interested in more expert info.