Getting ready to move to Philly? Congratulations! You are about to become part of a vibrant, energetic community full of diverse people and activities. Relocating to a new area naturally comes with a few challenges, but you can make the process as stress-free as possible by planning ahead. Here are a few tips and things to consider when moving to a lively piece of real estate in The City of Brotherly Love.


  1. Start Preparing Now

Whether you’re moving in a week or a few months, now is the time to start preparing. In fact, it is best to begin packing your belongings in stages at least two months before your move, if possible. Here are a few things you can do to begin your preparations:


  • Sort and purge. This should be done one room at a time and should begin at least one month before you move. You can arrange your belongings into three piles: keep, donate and throw away.
  • Begin packing. Once you know which items you want to keep, you can start boxing up things that you don’t use on a daily or weekly basis. Make sure you label boxes clearly so you know exactly where everything is.
  • Use up perishables. Begin using up the perishables in your refrigerator and freezer so you don’t have to pack them up and take them with you.
  • Choose your moving company. Select a moving company and confirm moving details with them.
  • Transfer medical records. Find a new doctor in Philly, if possible, and have your medical records forwarded to him or her.

Before you move, you’ll also want to fill out a change of address form. You can do this at your local post office or online.


  1. Arrange for Storage if Necessary

One of the most charming things about Philadelphia is its charming real estate and small, cozy apartments. These spaces are perfect for working professionals, but they don’t leave a lot of room for unnecessary belongings. The average size of a Philly apartment is 828 square feet, so if your belongings won’t fit comfortably in your new space, consider renting a storage facility.


  1. Register Your Vehicle

One of the first things you’ll want to do once you’re a resident of Philly is register your car. You’ll only have 20 days to do this before potentially being penalized. You’ll also want to visit any Pennsylvania DMV location to obtain your new driver’s license. You’ll have a 60-day window to update your license before a fine can be levied against you.

Moving comes with its challenges, but the more you plan ahead, the easier the process will be. Follow these helpful tips to plan your upcoming relocation to Philly.