Neighborhood Spot Light: Brewerytown (VIDEO)

Brewerytown is one of the best-kept real estate secrets in Philly, but as the market and lack of inventory has continued Brewerytown is set up to become one of the most popular areas in town.  While the charismatic neighborhood has undergone some significant changes in the past decade, it’s managed to retain its neighborly charm. Everything you need is within walking distance, from food to entertainment. It’s located within walking distance to Fairmount Park, Kelly Drive, with tons or nearby transportation options and quick access to major highways.  No wonder it’s a prime destination for home buyers who want to be in the middle of it all.


Real Estate

Real estate in Brewerytown is experiencing booming growth. Its current accommodations run the gamut from charming historic apartment homes to modern sleek townhouses. You would never guess it now, but this resilient neighborhood recently pulled itself out of a phase marked by poverty and disrepair. Crumbling brick facades and overgrown properties have been replaced by gleaming condos and modern townhouses featuring roof decks. It’s a great place to live if you want to stay connected to the community around you.


Neighborhood History

Brewerytown was so named because of the many breweries that originally operated in the neighborhood. At one point, there were 11 breweries in operation, and they saturated the air with a distinct smell. One newspaperman described it as the scent of “vaporized bread”. When prohibition was enforced in the United States in the late 20th century, the booming brewery industry collapsed. Today, only one active brewery remains in the neighborhood.


All of North Philadelphia, including Brewerytown, was sucked into a severe economic depression during the prohibition period. Buildings were abandoned and much of the town was left in a state of urban decay. But true to its spirited nature, the town has clawed its way out of disrepair and is now experiencing an inspiring rebirth. Brewerytown has become a prime living destination for young professionals. It is one of the most energetic, friendly, active and character-rich neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia.



You’re never far from a mouthwatering meal in Brewerytown. The streets are lined with bustling delis, burger joints and restaurants. Whether you want to enjoy food and beer at the town’s celebrated Brewery Taproom or sink your teeth into a plate of flavorful Jamaican cuisine at the Irie Jamaican Restaurant, there are many dining options available to you both in Brewerytown and the nearby neighborhoods.


Find Your Ideal Living Space

No one knows more about the warm and friendly real estate market in Brewerytown than Mr. Philly Real Estate. To start your search for the ideal living space in this character-rich neighborhood, call us directly at 267-607-9099 or connect with us on social media.



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