Keys To Fall Home Shopping and Selling

Halloween is approaching, but there is no need to fear if you are buying or selling a home in Philly the fall. While it is true that most real estate sales occur in the spring and summer, there are plenty of homes that are available and sell in the fall. In fact, it can be a great time to buy or sell. No matter whether you are looking to purchase a new home or sell your current home, here are some things to consider when doing so in the fall. 

Buying a Home 

First, if a house has been on the market for a while, sellers may be highly motivated to sell. Do not let the fact that a house has been listed for months deter you. Instead, look at it as a positive factor. Second, be prepared to move quickly. Make sure you are pre-approved and know what you are looking for in a home. This should expedite the process and position you to move quickly when you find something you like. Finally, understand that while there may be real estate inventory that has been on the market for a while, plenty of new houses list in the fall as well and with less competition, which positions you for negotiations. 

Selling a Home 

According to a poll done by, fall is the favorite time of year for most Americans. The northeast enjoys four seasons, which means that Philly neighborhoods experience changing leaves and autumnal weather. Sellers should take advantage of this by creating a warm environment both inside and outside their home that allows potential buyers to feel cozy and picture themselves in the home. Here are a couple fun ideas: 

  1. Decorate your front porch with fall décor like pumpkins, mums and hay bales.
  2. If you have a fireplace, consider having an inviting fire going during showings.
  3. Ensure your furnace filters have been recently changed and the house has a pleasant, but subtle smell.
  4. Talk with your realtor about running diffusers or other methods of generating fall scents. 

There are additional steps you can take to try to expedite your home sale. For instance, if your house has been on the market for a while, take time to review if your house is listed at the appropriate price and make adjustments if necessary. Also, consider offering incentives to potential buyers to sweeten the deal. Finally, be prepared to move quickly. Buyers may be incentivized to move into their new home before the holidays. 

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