Helpful Tips on Showing Your Home During the Holidays

As the holiday season ramps up in Philly, the real estate market tends to taper off somewhat, with fewer houses on the market and fewer buyers searching. However, the slow holiday market may be to your advantage. If you have a home that is hard to sell for one reason or another, it may get lost among a large inventory. Nevertheless, if there are fewer homes on the market, your home may stand out even more, especially to a highly motivated buyer.

It can be a challenge to show your home to its best possible advantage during the winter holidays. Bare trees in a colorless yard can hurt curb appeal. Icy sidewalks or steps can pose a tripping hazard. Overblown holiday decorations can be off-putting or even offensive to potential buyers.

Here are some tips for presenting your home to potential buyers in a way that’s merry and bright, yet tasteful and understated.

  1. Make Your Home Warm and Cozy

A buyer viewing houses during winter is literally going to be coming in from the cold. Simply turning up the heat to a comfortable level will make your home seem more inviting. You can also help create a cozy atmosphere by offering homemade holiday treats or playing soft music. A subtle evergreen scent also makes a nice touch.

  1. Think About Safety

 Nothing makes a worse first impression on a potential buyer than slipping and falling on a sidewalk that is strewn with leaves or covered in ice. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep your walkways safe, clear, and dry. If you are worried about sand and salt on the street, leave some disposable booties by the door with a trash can.  It also helps to keep your home clean and looking it best!

  1. Keep Decorations Low-Key

Decorating may pose a dilemma for the homeowner showing over the holiday. Keep your decorations subtle and tasteful: a string of lights, a door wreath, a strand of garland, or a few glass baubles are probably sufficient. It may be difficult for potential buyers to see past extravagant decorations, and overtly religious decorations may turn off buyers altogether.

  1. Spruce Things Up

General curb appeal is an even more important consideration than holiday decorations. After all, your decorations will eventually come down, but the exterior of the home will be visible all year; more so in the winter when the trees lose their leaves. Spruce up your home’s exterior with some touch-up paint and repairs, and make sure the gutters are clean.

It’s also important to work with a dedicated real estate agent who will invest the time and effort necessary to sell your home during the holidays. When you’re ready to sell your home, regardless of the season, contact us at Mr. Philly Real Estate.


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