Fall might not be a seller’s market, but there are buyers looking to be settled in a home before the holidays. Spring might be the time that most people clean up their home, but to sell your home in the fall, you’ll need to clean it up and create curb appeal without the benefit of bright flowers and green grass.


Creating Curb Appeal

Orange pumpkins on the walkway or on the porch instantly add color. Seasonal flowers like mums and marigolds can also brighten up the exterior. You don’t want to go overboard with decorations, because most buyers will pass over homes that look cluttered. A fall wreath is welcoming without being too much.


Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Install a new furnace filter. Clean out the fireplace, especially if it hasn’t been used all summer. A fire is a nice accent during open houses. Fall aromas are very inviting. Simmer hot cider in a crock pot or put out cinnamon sticks on the counter in pretty basket. Fill a bowl with bright red apples and pomegranates. Again, be careful about going overboard. You want to brighten up your home, not clutter it up.


Clean Up Inside and Outside

It doesn’t matter what season it is when you’re selling. A clean home sells much faster than one that is dirty. Buyers notice every smudge and dusty area, even if it is just subconsciously. Trim your trees. Mow your lawn to keep it neat and tidy. Rake the leaves. Wash down windows to make them sparkle. Remove the screens and spray them down. Dust fan blades. Check for cobwebs everywhere.


Brighten Up Dark Rooms

Light is your friend when you’re selling your home. The days are shorter and your house may appear darker because of the shadows. Add light to darker rooms by using smaller lights. Install closet lights to make the closets feel larger. If your furniture is dark, use bright colors to warm up the space by placing a couple of throw pillows on them. You may also want to paint a room a lighter color if it is dark.


Keep Your Home Cozy

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