Decorating For the Holidays When Your Home Is on the Market

Selling your home can be challenging during any month, but the holiday season certainly amps it up. The days are shorter. The weather is chilly. Keeping the landscape from appearing dreary and dirty isn’t going to be easy. Festive holiday lights and decorations can be just the thing to add warmth and style of your home while it’s on the real estate market. Use your holiday spirit to stage your home.

Think Simple Decorations

Be very thoughtful about the decorations you choose. Large, multi-colored decorations may distract home buyers from your home’s charm. Choose low-key decorations that aren’t large. Big, oversized trees will make the room appear smaller. Coordinate your holiday décor with the room’s décor to make the home appealing.

Natural Colors or One Palette

Even if you enjoy a hodgepodge of colors and patterns, when staging your Philly home for sale on the real estate market, choose one shade to use. White lights are very elegant, but blue lights can also be stylish without glaring. Complement your lights with natural decorations. Wreaths made of evergreens with small bows are beautiful accent pieces. Wood candlesticks with a holly leaf accent won’t take away from the beauty of your home.

Think About the Natural Features of Your Home

Use strands of holiday lights to highlight the architectural details inside and outside your home. Just a single strand of lights along the eaves will draw the eye up. Don’t place decorations too close to the windows in your home. This hides the natural light. Use holiday décor as accent pieces. Holiday candles on the mantle in a neutral palette will make the room feel elegant.

Balance Proportion

When placing lights outside, don’t place all the lights on one side of the home. Symmetry can make the home more appealing. Use spotlights to showcase a second story instead of focusing on the first floor. Proportions are important to curb appeal.

Keep Sound and Movement to a Minimum

The holiday decorations you use as part of your staging shouldn’t detract the buyers. Limit sound and movement, even blinking lights, to let people see the beauty of the home instead of the decorations. If you want to add more dimension to your home, add the smells of cinnamon, cranberries, pumpkin and apples.

Sell Your Philly Home

Mr. Philly Real Estate agents can help you find the right balance between holiday spirit and staging. Contact our team for more information about selling your home during the winter months.


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