Extensive series of a Caucasian Real Estate Agent and African-American Couple in front of a home.

Extensive series of a Caucasian Real Estate Agent and African-American Couple in front of a home.

Selling a home is a major undertaking. The first thing many people in Philadelphia do after deciding they want to sell their homes is determine whether to hire a real estate agent or independently put their homes on the market. There are several things you should keep in mind while making that all-important choice.


Home Sales Require Numerous Negotiations

 Maybe some of your Philly friends often remark you’re one of the most personable people they know. Even if that’s true, you’re probably not fully prepared for all the people you’ll have to interact with while selling your home. In addition to the buyer, you may have to negotiate with the buyer’s agent, the buyer’s attorney, banks and home inspection companies among others.

There are already many things and people putting demands on your time and getting your home sold through the FSBO method only adds to those obligations. By hiring a real estate specialist, you can rest assured there is someone looking out for your best interests when communicating with people on your behalf.

Then, you’ll have more free time to enjoy all the interesting diversions Philly offers, whether that means checking out a new exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art or enjoying dinner reservations at a critically acclaimed Thai restaurant that just opened around the corner from your abode.


Agents See Your Residence With Experienced Eyes

 Because you live in your home and see it constantly, you may become accustomed to easily changeable characteristics that could make the residence harder to sell. Loose shingles, faded paint and an overgrown lawn are just a few things you can quickly improve but might not notice until someone points them out.

Real estate agents use their collective experience to thoroughly assess your home and make honest recommendations about staging or minor repairs. After you know about those factors, it’s simple to make meaningful enhancements that could make your home sell faster.


Showings Are Time Consuming

 Setting up showings is crucial for encouraging interest in your home, but there are several things that make that task more difficult. They include:

  • Careers that do not allow for unplanned time off
  • Unexpected issues like sick kids or car malfunctions that impact your free time
  • Vacations or trips you can’t reschedule
  • Coordinating appointments throughout the day with multiple potential buyers
  • Provides an additional layer of separation between you and the buyer.

A real estate agent can show your home when you’re not available. This gives you freedom to take care of other things.


Clearly, there are many challenges associated with FSBO sales. Make your life easier and hire me to handle your home sale. Give me a call soon to discuss your needs.